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Arz is a social work organization committed to combating trafficking of persons for the purpose of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation in Goa. The organization works both with the victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and also against those who are perpetrators.

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Ankur is an Arz initiative to minimize the vulnerability of children to sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation or usage in anti-social activities. This participative programme is targeted at children in Baina, Vasco-da-Game, Goa and aims at reducing delinquint behaviour in the children. The continuous work with the children in the community on their behavior and education has empowered the children to think in the direction of living a life with more dignity and respect. Thus the second generation has been directed towards a positive way of living.

Overcoming Religious Obstacles
Nagamma's grandmother wanted to dedicate her to Godess Yellamma - a process of religiously sanctioned prostitution. Arz's staff had counselling sessions with the grandmother and convinced her about the ill effects of dedication and how her act is a violation of child rights. Nagamma is now working as a part-time house maid and is an active member of the adolescent girls group.

Intervention practices with the child, family and the school are carried out by:

  • Individual and group counseling sessions
  • Awareness sessions on topics related to children, like Child Rights, Child Labour and Child Prostitution
  • Mobilizing parents to admit children to the local school
  • Preparing affidavits for school admissions
  • Providing educational material such as bags, notebooks, pencils, pens and geometry boxes for the most vulnerable children
  • Follow up with the school and parents with regard to regularity of children to the local school
  • Providing tuitions at the various Arz drop-in centers located in the community
  • Regular health camps and immunity programmes in collaboration with local Primary Health Centres

Admission in Boarding Schools

Boarding facilities are provided for the children of trafficked victims and who are victims of abuse and exploitation outside the geographical area of their residence, so as to enable them to be in a more conducive environment to allow them to concentrate better in studies. The methodology adopted is involvement and participation of parents and the boarding school authorities. Activities are carried out with the focus on the child, boarding school and the parents by:

  • Motivating trafficked victims to admit their children to local and boarding schools
  • Organizing exposure to boarding schools and interaction between parents and boarding school authorities
  • Admitting children of trafficked victims to boarding schools with their consent
  • Arrangements and follow up with parents to ensure that they visit their children regularly at the boarding school
  • Follow up with the boarding school authorities and children separately with regard to the progress of children and emotional adjustment to the environment at the institute
  • Providing educational material such as notebooks, boarding fees, school fees and fees for the board exams and toiletries for the children
Me Too Victim of Sex Trafficking
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A campaign by Arz involving the community members at Panjim, Goa to build awareness about trafficking of women and girls


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