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Arz is a social work organization committed to combating trafficking of persons for the purpose of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation in Goa. The organization works both with the victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and also against those who are perpetrators of this crime.

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Rescue of a Mentally Retarded Girl
Arz came to know through its sources of a girl who was mentally retarded and was being commercially sexually exploited by a perpetrator. Arz was asked to submit a written complaint by the Magistrate informing him about this girl as her family had abandoned her and she did not wish to keep any contact with them. On the basis of this complaint the Magistrate ordered the police to rescue the girl and arrest the perpetrator. She was then referred to the State Protective Home in Goa after conducting an enquiry for shelter and psychiatric treatment. Now she is in the State Protective Home and away from exploitation. She is provided shelter and care by the Women & Child Department and counseling services by the Arz staff.

Arz works intensively with victims of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation to combat trafficking. Arz looks into issues of rehabilitation, rescue,protection, protection, health, repatriation, after care and prosecution of traffickers. The services are performed primarily in the areas of Margao, Colva, Bicholim and Panjim due to the high rate of trafficking at these destinations.

Arz after the completion of 10 years of working on combating human trafficking in Goa, has this year been able to prevent new entry of girls and women in Baina for the purpose of Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). The initiative of starting economic rehabilitation has provided alternative livelihood options for the women and girls who were being commercially sexually exploited as well as those who were vulnerable to being exploited.

After Care

After the victim is rescued from commercial sexual exploitation or while she is in state protective home, the process of after-care begins. After care is one of the important areas of intervention primarily to prevent re-trafficking of victims. In after care girls are helped to plan and decide her future. The girls are provided necessary guidance and counseling at each stage of decision. In the process, various rehabilitative alternatives are identified and discussed with the victim girl. Throughout this entire practice, network of organizations dealing in rehabilitation are identified and communicated to the trafficked victim. The girl is assisted in deciding the place, which is safe and provides a good rehabilitation.


Arz has enabled the Women and Child Welfare Department to create a system whereby when a victim of trafficking is being repatriated to her home state she is sent along with a staff of Women & Child Department, a lady police constables and a social worker also accompanies the victim to her native state so as to prevent any traumatic experience during her repatriation. Arz this year along with the staff of the Women and Child Welfare Department and Goa Police repatriated a total of 7 victims to their native state and linked them with the rehabilitation services or family in their native state.


Arz believes that all the persons who are responsible for commercial sexual exploitation or sexual abuse need to be prosecuted. Arz has followed up the cases relating to commercial sexual exploitation, rape, child labour and domestic violence. A follow up is done by meeting the public prosecutor, preparing the witness to give proper depositions, accompanying the witness to the court and providing assistance to the aggrieved party in filing domestic violence cases, among other services.


  • A lady who was mentally retarded and being commercially sexually exploited by a pimp was rescused. A case was filed with the magistrate against the pimp.
  • A minor girl was brought to Baina and was kept with a brothel keeper. The girl was pregnant and needed shelter and support. She was produced before the magistrate and sent to the State Protective Home.
  • A young girl was rescued from child labour.
  • A minor orphan girl was rescued from the custody of a pimp.


Arz organizes a series of sensitization cum awareness programmes. In these programmes, the main emphasis is on the situation of victims of trafficking and those vulnerable to trafficking for the purpose of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation. The participants are college students, organizations from different parts of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Reading material in the form of pamphlets and leaflets are provided to the participants. The meetings and training programmes are held with government officials, police officials regarding situation of women and girls, in organized trafficking for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation in Goa, the importance of psycho social rehabilitation of trafficked victims, understanding the mind of the survivor and their behavioural patterns, laws related to trafficking/prostitution e.g. Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, Goa Children’s Act, Juvenile Justice Act, Domestic Violence Act etc.


Me Too Victim of Sex Trafficking
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A campaign by Arz involving the community members at Panjim, Goa to build awareness about trafficking of women and girls


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