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Arz is a social work organization committed to combating trafficking of persons for the purpose of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation in Goa. The organization works both with the victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and also against those who are perpetrators of this crime.

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The primary cause for vulnerability of women and girls to be trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation is the lack of resources. A dignified source of income is an important tool to prevent a victim's entry into, and aid exit from, commercial sex work.

Documentary on Swift Wash

Swift Wash

Arz has adapted a holistic approach in the economic rehabilitation programme as it was felt that only the rehabilitation of the victim could not support her in continuing in her struggle to live a life free from exploitation. A change had to be brought in the different stake holders in her life. So the perpetrators, the spouse of these women, the adult male children & relatives in their family were also provided rehabilitation in the same programme. The Economic Rehabilitation Programme was inititated in 2005 to cater to the economic empowerment of victims of sexual exploitation. Based on the suggestions of the victims, the programme identified possible business trades. This led to the setting up of Swift Wash, a fully mechanized laundry unit in Sancoale, Goa for providing employment to the victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Currently, the unit is providing employment to 35 women and girls and 15 boys.

Arz is also exploring the possibilities for further expansion. To economically empower the girls and women, Arz has a series of meetings with possible beneficiaries and their family members to help them understand the usefulness of the opportunity and help them opt for the alternative rehabilitation. Arz envisages the Economic Rehabilitation Programme as the women's collective step and plans to gradually move out and give more independence to run the business on their own.

Taj Groups of Hotels has been instrumental in training the beneficiaries of Swift Wash and provide laundry orders to the rehabilitation unit, under their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. Taj Hotels' support has enabled Swift Wash to provide economic rehabilitation to the victims of commercial sexual exploitation.


Kitchen Garden Project

The Kitchen Garden is a joint project between ARZ and Vanastree which aims to provide SWIFT Wash beneficiaries with gardening skills, a closer connection to nature, a beautiful space to be in, and the therapeutic benefits gained from working closely with the land.

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Me Too Victim of Sex Trafficking
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A campaign by Arz involving the community members at Panjim, Goa to build awareness about trafficking of women and girls


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