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Arz is a social work organization committed to combating trafficking of persons for the purpose of sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation in Goa. The organization works both with the victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and also against those who are perpetrators of this crime.

About Arz

Arz was conceived in 1997 by a group of Development Professionals from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay, with the idea of social work interventions in the area of crime with persons who have been victims of commericial sexual exploitation, those who are perpetrators and those who are vulnerable to both.

Arz Projects

The organization is registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act (1860), Bombay Trust Act (1950) and U/s 80(G) of the Income Tax Act. Although the organization works primarily in Goa, it also extends services in the form of liasing, to certain districts of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, West Bengal and Orissa which have been identified as chief source states and neighboring countries of Nepal and Bangladesh as chief source countries. Key functioning areas include prevention, protection, rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation, health, after-care, re-integration, prosecution of perpetrators, legal counselling, economic rehabilitation, research, documentation, training and advocacy.

The organization has been appointed as the nodal NGO in the Integrated Anti-Human Trafficking Unit which was set up by the Goa Police for the purpose of providing witnesses, conducting rescue operations along with police, training and counseling of rescued persons, assisting in interviews of rescued persons, networking with other NGOs for all activities, empowerment of rescued persons and ensuring their proper rehabilitation. This has given the organization the authority to start working more closely with the system. It has clearly defined the role of Arz in working towards combating trafficking in Goa along with the criminal justice system.

Arz Philosophy

  • Commercial sexual exploitation of persons is the most heinous crime against human beings
  • Commercial sexual exploitation is a form of bonded slavery that results in consistent and unrecognized victimization of the most marginalized and stigmatized group in society
  • Through effective social work intervention it is possible to limit trafficking of human beings as well as limit abuse and exploitation of trafficked victims

Swift Wash - A self-help success story

The Economic Rehabilitation Programme inititated by Arz in 2006 to cater to the economic empowerment of victims of sexual exploitation led to the setting up of Swift Wash, a fully mechanized laundry unit in Sancoale, Goa for providing employment to the victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Currently, the unit is providing employment to 35 women and girls and 15 boys.

Documentary on Swift Wash

Arz has adopted an holistic approach in the programme, as it was felt that the rehabilitation of the victim alone could not support her in continuing her struggle to live a life free from exploitation. A change has to be brought about in the different stake holders in her life. So, the perpetrators, the spouses of these women, the adult male children and relatives in her family, are also provided rehabilitation under the same programme.


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Me Too Victim of Sex Trafficking
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A campaign by Arz involving the community members at Panjim, Goa to build awareness about trafficking of women and girls


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